Founded in 1990 as a privately held corporation, Optiphase, Inc. is a leading provider of interferometric fiber optic sensor solutions. Our products include sophisticated fiber optic and electronic instruments, assemblies and components serving the scientific and technical community seeking precision test and measurement devices. We also partner [OEM] with system integrators providing semi-custom assemblies and components for a wide variety of commercial markets and industry applications. In addition to our product solutions, we offer a wide range of design services and consultation to application specific markets such as Biomedical, Industrial, Security and Oil & Gas Services.

Our core competency is the design and low-cost manufacturing of high performance dynamic interferometric fiber optic interrogation. Our technology focus is concentrated in two key areas:

One or a combination of the following factors prompt the need to use our fiber optic technologies and solutions. 

  • Non-contact sensing
  • Power-free safe sensing
  • On-line or real-time sensing
  • Precision measurements
  • Cost-effective solutions

Sensor Interrogation Techniques

Phase demodulation for fiber interferometers involves methods for interrogating dynamic fiber optic sensors and converting the optical phase information to electronic data or signals that accurately represent the measurements of a wide variety of physical parameters in various environments. Now, with the introduction of the TDI-7000 TDM Fiber Interrogator, Optiphase delivers breakthrough sensitivity and price/performance.

White Light Interferometry

Involves Optical Coherence Domain Reflectometry (OCDR) and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) techniques utilizing unique all-fiber broadband designs for industrial process control and biomedical applications.

OPD-4000 Optical Phase Demodulator

World’s leading instrument for measuring interferometric phase change. Features high resolution, large dynamic ran ge, adjustable modulation frequency, high pass filter with digital and analog output, selectable data averaging, servos and PhaseView software control. Single channel and multi-channel configurations available…

ODS-4500 Optical Displacement System

High-precision displacement instrument for non-contact measurements including dynamic surface variations. Provides highly precise surface measurements of sub-nanometer to millimeter scale. Proven effective for measuring surface characteristics on aluminum, glass and ceramics...


TDI-7000 TDM Fiber Interrogator

The TDI-7000 is an advanced interferometric Time Domain Multiplexed fiber sensor interrogation product that delivers breakthrough sensitivity and price/performance. This transformational ability produces truly distributed interrogation that has significant advantages over point sensor arrays when used for large area distributed coverage…

V-600 Tunable Optical Converter

General purpose photonics instrument, converts optical to electrical signals. The 1 MHz frequency response, large dynamic range, low noise operation, independent controls for gain, high and low pass filters assures exceptionally high performance. Battery or wall mount power and rugged construction make it ideal for mobile and fixed operation…




Optiphase fiber stretchers

OPTIPHASE ? offers the most extensive line of fiber stretchers available in today’s market. It begins with a family of 3 stretcher platforms designed to span a fiber stretch range from 0.14 mm to 6.40 mm (standardized to single mode fiber, applying maximum voltage drive).

These piezo-electric fiber stretchers offer enhanced modulation while maintaining a high operational frequency for a wide range of interferometric measurements and sensing systems.

Our fiber stretchers are designed to operate with a bipolar voltage drive and are unique in that they do not require proprietary drivers. For most low voltage applications (< ± 15V) our stretchers can be driven by standard electronics such as signal generators, op-amps or other laboratory equipment without modification.

Each stretcher platform, (PZ1, PZ2, PZ3) supports a range of operational wavelengths from 600 nm to 1625 nm with an extensive variety of fiber choices including Single Mode (SM) fiber, Polarization Maintaining (PM) fiber in both Panda and Bowtie types, as well as Reduced Cladding (RC) SM fiber for the most extensive stretch value. Fiber termination choices include bare leads, FC/PC or FC/APC connections for all fiber types.



PZ1 High-speed Fiber Stretcher

The PZ1’s compact form factor makes an ideal fit for small spaces.…


PZ2 High-efficiency Fiber Stretcher

The PZ2 provides the most extensive stretch of our stretcher product family and is ideal for use in white-light scanning interferometers and sensing systems for OCT/OCDR applications.…


PZ3 Mid-range Fiber Stretcher

The PZ3 is the mid-range member of our family of fiber stretchers with drive characteristics similar to the PZ2.…

Custom Fiber Stretchers

We design and produce custom fiber stretchers requiring specialty fiber types, special packaging, terminations and frequency ranges. Submit our brief for a quote.



AIF-01 OCT Optical Sweep Engine

An all-fiber Autocorrelator-based Sweep Engine designed for low cost integration into OCT / OCDR systems. Features include high-speed sweeping, high resolution, arbitrary probe lengths, no polarization adjustments, low optical loss and standard interfaces…

MFI Michelson Fiber Interferometer

MZI Mach-Zehnder Fiber Interferometer Michelson and Mach-Zehnder interferometers are available in wavelengths from 1064 to 1550 nm. Each interferometer has a “zero meter” path mismatch which provides flexibility to change the delay length to match varying applications …



PDR Polarization Diversity Receiver

Used with the OPD-4000 Optical Phase Demodulator, replaces photodiode receiver to eliminate polarization fading in fiber optic interferometers without significant degradation in the signal-to-noise ratio. The compact and cost effective design is PCB mountable…




光纖光纖邁克遜干涉儀(Fiber Michelson Interferometer)不但可以用來作為精密的測試測量儀器,還可以應用在精密的干涉傳感系統。光纖干涉儀內部采用PZ1小尺寸光纖拉伸器(參見PZ1光纖拉伸器產品資料),內置的PZT通過前面板的BNC連接器驅動。



探測參數 原理 應用
相位變化 Sagnac效應 光纖陀螺儀
相位變化 熱致伸縮 溫度傳感器
相位變化 力致伸縮 水聽計
偏振方向 法拉第效應 電流計
模式變化 傳導模與輻射模耦合 微彎位移傳感器
頻率變化 多普勒效應 速度計、加速度計
光強 光傳輸損耗 位移傳感器


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